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Since 2006, National Ribbon has been running a multi-year advertising and direct mail campaigns to re-establish and reinforce the eminent quality of the Lady Fair brand.  Over 40,000 florists and wholesalers are reached at least ten times per year via mailers and Lady Fair ads run in Florists' Review, Flowers & Flora and other media.

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Wholesale Wristlet Supplies

The National Ribbon Company manufactures corsage wristlet supplies.

The Original Lady Fair Wristlet in use a range of iridescent, metallic and holographic yarns and are available in a range of colors: Sparkling Silver, BLACK Glimmer, Iridescent (white), Blue Shimmer, Baby Blue, Gold, Sparkling Red, Pink, Grass Green, Sea Green, Purple and Orange.

BowChic Snap-Bracelets™ are available in 10 colors; Silver, White, Ivory, Black, Gold, Celebration Red, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Chocolate, and Yellow.

Lady Fair Lace Wristlets are available in black, white and ivory lace.

Lady Fair Satin Wristlets are available in black and white satin.

Lady Fair Velcro Wristlet are available on white velcro with white or ivory lace.

Snapp-it™ corsage snap bracelet wristlets are in a glittering, sequin-like sleeve, available in: Black, Ivory/Gold and Silver/White.

Hair Essentials

Lady Fair products are available at over 250 wholesale outlets across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Ask for your regular wholesaler for the products, or for immediate purchase of any of these items go to:

Floral Headband

The Lady Fair Hair Essentials Headband is available in six pieces; 3 packs of 2 hair bands per pack. The satin covered headbands have plastic floral mounts to provide the perfect tool to add fresh flowers or silk flowers in the hair.

The floral headbands come in colors are designed to match or contrast with the hair for maximum effect. Choose from Ivory/Silver, Gold, and Black. The Assorted Pack is available with 2 pieces of each color.

Floral Hair Clip

The Lady Fair Hair Essentials Hair Clip is perfect for mounting silk and fresh flower to hair with a small clip. The hair clip has a mounting plate attached to the black metal hair clip. The mounting plate holds flowers firmly. Available in 6 Packs of 2 hair clips per pack.

Floral Tortoise Hair Combs

The Tortoise Hair Comb with a floral mounts is also designed to disappear under the floral design when fresh flowers or silk flowers are fitted into the hair. The hair comb is tortoise coloring for easy camouflage in most hair colors and the black floral attachment provides a sturdy holder for flowers.

The Hair Essential floral line will provide a solution for putting flowers in hair for trendy, exotic and elegant hair dos.


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